USA Manufacturer Of PVC Labels For Medical Industry

Flex System manufactures PVC labels from USA medical grade non-phthalate resin. At this time, this company is dominant in the industry in the use of this type of resin. Corn used instead of phthalates. These labels can be customized for your specific needs. PVC is become the preferred choice of material for many of the customers because of its durability in harsh climates.

PVC adds depth and dimension as well as increased detail to a label. Customers have the choice of sewn or heat sealed for attachment. PVC labels are popular on clothes, all types of bags, hats, swim suits. There is no limit to the possibilities of using labels.

Flex Systems is the only company in the United States that produces custom PVC labels. These can be sewn or heat sealed. This company will do the work for you or offer instructions for you to do it yourself. There are many advantages to using this company for your advertising needs. I appreciate the fact that this company is a direct manufacturer. Customers do not have to wait for a shipment from the Orient. With a no minimum requirement on label orders, Flex System is an ideal choice for the small business operator. For more information, visit